Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500 Review

Whether you have a car or motorbike, soon you’ll realize that you miss a bike too. There are particular daily duties, camping trips, or leisure rides that just fit bicycles. Fortunately for such uses, you don’t need the high-end race bikes.

All you require is a sturdy cycle that can take on plains and gentle hills with ease. Consequently, the best hybrid bikes under $500 will handle the duties happily! From such, you can race on plains and climb hills with less effort.

Are you doubtful? Check on our top choices below:

Best Hybrid Bikes Under 500 Review

Kent Women’s Avondale Hybrid Bicycle with Sure Stop Brakes

From its overall design, it presents a bike that is female-friendly in all ways. To begin with, it uses the light aluminum tubing. Besides, the frame features an easy step-in design with a low center of gravity. When you stop, it allows both feet to rest on the ground and thus enjoy more stability.

Once you have mounted the bike, the saddle and handlebar position allows you to enjoy an upright riding posture. Your back, shoulder, and neck will thank you for that. Its sturdy frame and wheel happily bear a payload of 250lbs.

Wherever your trail or commuting takes you, be sure your hybrid bike won’t complain. That’s because it has a 21speed capacity courtesy of Shimano drivetrain. The rear derailleur boasts Shimano Tourney (7speed) RD-TX35 and is matched to Shimano RevoShift SL-RS25. The derailleur seamlessly blends to the 3 chainring crank.

To avoid brake-related accidents, Kent Women’s Avondale Hybrid Bicycle employs one lever braking system. The single lever operates both front and rear brakes, hence leaving one hand free.


  • Low center of gravity bike
  • Easy to step in the frame
  • Upright riding posture that reduces pain in the back, shoulder, and neck
  • Uses consistent Shimano drive train


  • Its assembly process is rather demanding

Pedal Chic Women’s 700c Invigorate Hybrid Bicycle

For the chic women who require a comfortable hybrid back and good speed, this makes a viable choice. By availing the bike into small and medium frame sizes, it accommodates riders of different heights.

It’s the jerky vibrations that make most bikes uncomfortable. Fortunately, this Pedal Chic Women’s 700c hybrid cycle takes care of that. Thanks to the front fork suspension. At the rear, it has a cargo rack for carrying a few shopping. And when riding through wet road, it has fenders to keep your clothes clean.

In addition to its tint green appealing color, it’s also easy to mount and dismount. With a total of 21speed capacity, it packs good speed on plains and the ability to climb high inclines. To increase its stability, it possesses a weight of 37lbs. In the dim light, the reflectors boost your visibility in a high traffic zone.


  • Has an easy to mount and dismount frame
  • Its front fork suspension smoothen vibrations
  • Equipped with fenders and rear cargo rack
  • Has provision for water bottle mount


  • Non-adjustable handlebar height

Retrospec Mars Hybrid City Commuter Bike

Are you tired of the irritating maintenance of external derailleurs and shifters? Panic no more because Retrospec understands your pain points. Therefore, it gives you a hybrid bike that employs an internal hub. Consequently you can enjoy minimal maintenance.

The 3-speed hybrid bike uses a single chainring crank. Coupled with the internal hub design, it offers high reliability and simplicity of fixed-speed bike. For the easy changing of gears, it employs the RevoShift grip. That means you can maintain your hold on the comfortable handlebar all the time.

The Retrospec has a high tensile frame in three sizes; 50cm, 54cm, and 58cm. Its design allows you to assume an upright riding posture. That makes long rides comfortable. To boost your comfort it uses 700 x 30mm Kenda tires. The big tires also possess water dispersing ability. That means you can ride on wet city roads with high gripping ability.


  • Has a lightweight of 28lbs
  • Has front light and rear reflector to increase your visibility at night
  • High gripping ability on wet roads
  • Simple and requires minimal maintenance


  • Bracket holding the light is very fragile

Schwinn Men’s Voyager 3 700C Wheel Hybrid Bicycle

If you have the spirit of exploration, then you need the bike that can handle different topographies with ease. At the same time, its frame must be sturdy enough to withstand rough bike paths. Schwinn Men’s Voyager 3 steps up to such demands without much struggle. It uses 21speed Shimano Tourney derailleurs and SRAM MRX shifters drivetrain.

Its sturdy steel frame and 36 holes alloy rims can take on bumpy rides without bending. Besides, its 37lbs weight contributes significantly to the stability of the bike. That’s especially significant when going against the wind.

With its raised handlebar, you won’t feel discomfort at the back, neck, or shoulder. And if the saddle feels so low, you can easily pull it up. That’s because the seat post features the quick-to-adjust clamp.

At the same time, it also gives you the room to customize the bike as you wish. For example, it allows you to add in the fenders and water bottle mount to the frame. Wherever you need to stop, the V brakes make it quick and fast.


  • Sturdy frame
  • Easy to manage the weight of 37lbs
  • Supports a comfortable upright riding position
  • Has a rear cargo rack and fender mounting provision


  • Its tires are less durable and require a quick upgrade


Even when you are under a tight budget, you can get a good hybrid bike. Commuting to work or daily errands doesn’t have to call for your car. Besides, it allows you to stay fit. All that without breaking the bank!

Although a few bikes here might require fine-tuning of brakes and upgrading of tires, it’s still worth the investment. So, click on your choice, read through customer reviews. Then finally make up your mind on the best model that fits your need!


Specialized Tarmac SL4 Sport – 405 Bicycles – Norman, OK

2017 Specialized Tarmac SL4 Sport

The Tarmac SL4 Sport boasts Specialized’s Tour de France-winning pedigree with a FACT-carbon frame and fork, which let you fly down sweeping descents and float up climbs like the best of them. It will only take one ride for you to appreciate the incredible combination of feathery low weight and ripping power transfer that’s evident whenever the road tilts skyward or your friends pick up the pace. Component-wise, the Tarmac is adorned with a Shimano 105 22-speed drivetrain for conquering any ride, and easy-rolling Axis wheels for oodles of speed. Plus, the Tarmac comes with strong, dual-pivot brakes for maximum control and a fine helping of Specialized’s quality components.


Specialized Dolce E5 Elite – 405 Bicycles – Norman, OK

2017 Specialized Dolce E5 Elite

Specialized’s Dolce Elite E5 is purpose-built to take you places—both physically and geographically—and make sure you’re enjoying the best ride along the way. It’s the perfect bike to introduce you to the sport, taking you to new levels of confidence on your cycling journey. At the heart of it is Specialized’s DSW technology, which strategically places more welding material where it’s needed, resulting in an aluminum bike that’s more compliant and considerably stiffer. How stiff, exactly? It’s one of the stiffest alloy bikes ever tested. Drawing inspiration from the Rider-First Engineered philosophy, this frame has a unique down tube, bottom bracket shell, and head tube. This ensures uniform performance across the entire size run. Making sure every single watt you produce gets transferred to the road, they built the Elite around their Women’s Endurance Geometry. This ensures that you stay comfortable and confident over any kind of terrain, while also providing a lower standover to make getting on/off the bike, as well as putting a foot down, as easy as can be. For the build, they spec’d it with Shimano Tiagra 10-speed shifting, fast-rolling Axis Sport Disc wheels, and traction-packed Espoir Sport 25mm tires.


Specialized Allez E5 Elite – 405 Bicycles – Norman, OK

2017 Specialized Allez E5 Elite

Get on Specialized’s Allez E5 Sport and go! This great road machine features Specialized’s E5 Premium aluminum frame and a FACT carbon fork for a sweet balance of comfort and quickness. Adding to that is the fast-shifting, 10-speed Shimano Tiagra drivetrain with all the gears you need for the road’s ups and downs, while the powerful dual-pivot brakes offer total control. And, you’ll love the fast-rolling aluminum wheels and Specialized tires and components.


Specialized Allez E5 Sport – 405 Bicycles – Norman, OK

2017 Specialized Allez E5 Sport

Get on Specialized’s Allez E5 Sport and go! This great road machine features Specialized’s E5 Premium aluminum frame and a FACT carbon fork for a sweet balance of comfort and quickness. Adding to that is the fast-shifting, 18-speed Shimano drivetrain with all the gears you need for the road’s ups and downs, while the powerful dual-pivot brakes offer total control. And, you’ll love the fast-rolling aluminum wheels and Specialized tires and components.


Specialized Dolce – 405 Bicycles – Norman, OK

2017 Specialized Dolce

The Dolce will take you places you’ve never dreamed of. Light, fast, and fun: simple words that can’t describe the quick-handling, smooth-pedaling feel of Specialized’s A1 Premium Aluminum frame and FACT carbon fork. Paired with tacky Specialized tires and corner-carving Axis Sport wheels, you’ll be adding bonus miles to the route home. Integrated shifters, smooth, easy lever action, and a gear range that topples mountains are right under your hands thanks to Shimano’s 16-speed Claris drivetrain. And when it comes to comfort, it’s hard to do better than Specialized components and a sleek, supportive women’s-specific Body Geometry saddle.


Specialized Jett Sport 29 – Women’s – 405 Bicycles – Norman, OK

2017 Specialized Jett Sport 29 – Women’s

Specialized’s Jett Sport 29 is ready to conquer the trails. It features a refined geometry that handles superbly and creates a more confident position for getting out in the woods with your squad. This sweet rig also boasts a lightweight butted-aluminum frame, with an 80/100mm-travel SR Suntour fork up front taking care of the bumps. Plus, the hill-topping Shimano 24-speed drivetrain and the all-weather braking power of Shimano hydraulic-disc brakes give you a steed that begs to be ridden no matter the terrain or the conditions. And, you’ll love the quality aluminum 29-inch rims and Specialized components, which hold up great no matter how hard or long you go.


Specialized Jynx 650b – Women’s – 405 Bicycles – Norman, OK

2017 Specialized Jynx 650b – Women’s

Explore fresh trails with newfound confidence aboard Specialized’s Jynx 650b. A lightweight aluminum frame with women’s-specific geometry is matched to 650b wheels for a ride that is nimble on climbs and controlled on descents. An SR Suntour suspension fork soaks up the bumps, allowing the sturdy aluminum wheels to keep charging down the trail. The 24-speed drivetrain ensures you have the right gear for every undulation on your ride, and disc brakes keep your speed in-check in all conditions. On top of all that, Specialized equips the Jynx with women’s-specific Body Geometry components for a fit and feel that is just right.


Specialized Sirrus – 405 Bicycles – Norman, OK

2017 Specialized Sirrus

Speed, comfort and confident handling come together to make Specialized’s Sirrus a carefree ride. It sports a light aluminum frame, a pavement-smoothing steel fork and efficient, road bike-size 700c wheels for easy pedaling on every road and path. Shimano’s 24-speed drivetrain provides a wide range of gears for easy climbing, while the powerful linear-pull brakes control your speed on the fun back down. And thanks to the flat handlebars and comfort-oriented riding position, you’ll finish every ride feeling great.


Specialized Women’s Motodiva MTB Shoes – 405 Bicycles – Norman, OK

Specialized Women’s Motodiva MTB Shoes

The best Mountain Bike shoes deliver durability and comfort—with the Specialized Motodiva, you get that, plus great traction on the trail. As an all-around trail-riding shoe, it’ll take the all the bumps and grinds the trail dishes out while providing a comfortable and supportive fit, with the added security of grippy Slipnot traction on rocky hike-a-bike sections. Body Geometry sole construction combines with the women’s contoured fit to provide great power transfer, while the Boa dials deliver true on-the-fly adjustability. If you’re looking for a great do-it-all shoe, the Motodiva is durable, comfortable, and ready to hit your favorite loop with you.