Body Geometry Fit

Our Specialized Body Geometry Fit System experts fit you right! Our Specialized Body Geometry Fit System experts fit you right!
Get the proper measurements for the proper fit!

Ride faster, longer, and in greater comfort!

Specialized provides the training, bicycles and equipment to allow us to improve every rider’s comfort, efficiency and power output — in short: your enjoyment — with a professional bicycle fitting. Our technicians are highly trained in the Dr. Andy Pruitt/Boulder Center for Sports Medicine methodology of assessment and fit and are qualified to conduct high-level bike fits on your existing bike, or a new purchase with Specialized's Body Geometry Fitting System.

Specialized collaborated with bike-fit expert Andy Pruitt and renowned framebuilder Ben Serotta of Serotta Bicycles. Where Careful calculations and analysis have gone into the fit system!other fitting methods rely on personal opinion, cycling mythology or hastily-taken measurements, Specialized's Body Geometry Fit System uses the latest technology to ensure a precise fit based on your exact measurements, which incorporate your athletic and cycling background, height, flexibility and inseam to determine specific vertical and horizontal coordinates.

Now Available at 405: BG Fit Data

BG Fit Data gives you the opportunity to see yourself riding a bike while the technician takes measurements. With a video monitor displaying every adjustment, you can actively see the changes being made to improve your posture, performance, and comfort.

BG Fit


Benefits of our Specialized Body Geometry Fittings

  • We're trained in muscle and skeletal anatomy related to the motion of cycling, common aches and pains associated with cycling, and the corrections necessary to address these issues.
  • We have the ability to assess pedal stroke and install BG footbeds and varus/valgus wedges to properly align the foot/knee/hip for maximum efficiency and comfort.
  • We can help you ride longer, faster, happier, and healthier so you gain the most from your cycling activities.
  • We can recommend products to adjust your bicycle to unique challenges in flexibility, comfort or power output.


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